The storage specification documented in Specification is versioned using the integer dataset attribute metadata_version which can be defined for all writing pipelines. All metadata_version changes will be reflected in the version by increasing it. New specification versions will be introduced by increasing the minor library version while a removal of a supported version (both read and write) will trigger an increase of the major version number.

Library API

Kartothek exposes a dedicated module to highlight which functions, classes, etc. are considered stable API and are publicly available. We intend to apply [semantic versioning]( to the best of our ability for the API exposed in kartothek.api. See also API Reference.

We are aware that the API not only consists of the signatures of functions and types of objects exposed by a library but as well by its behaviour. Many changes involve judgement calls about the compatibility of a given change and it might be possible that we’ll introduce behavioural changes which you would not perceive compatible with semantic versioning. We will adhere as best as possible to this convention. In any case we intend to document all intended changes, whether breaking or not, in our changelog, see Changelog.