DataFrame Serialization

Serialise Pandas DataFrames to/from bytes

Serialisation to bytes

For the serialsation, we need to pick a format serialiser, you either use default_serializer() or explicitly select a serialiser, e.g. ParquetSerializer.

from kartothek.serialization import ParquetSerializer

serialiser = ParquetSerializer()
df = ..., "storage_key", df)


For deserialisation, you don’t have to instantiate any serialiser as the correct one is determined from the filename.

from kartothek.serialization import DataFrameSerializer

df = DataFrameSerializer.restore_dataframe(store, "file.parquet")
# You can also supply a filter on the loaded DataFrame, e.g.
df = DataFrameSerializer.restore_dataframe(store, "file.parquet", "c_id > 42000")
# Currently these filter queries are passed to pandas.DataFrame.query but in
# future they could be further passed on to the file format depening on if
# the format supports predicate pushdown (currently this is only Parquet)